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Think Hero TV: Kristen Nedopak reviews The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 10 “Sacrifice.”

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I’m currently reviewing The Vampire Diaries for Think Hero TV, and I always take a buttload of notes before we shoot. I always think it’s fun to read these… thus the sharing!

Review notes

It’s always fun to read the notes I make before the review!

This episode was all about foreshadowing and things to come. Almost all of the scenes left us wanting more, as usual — and we got a lot of a big set ups for the second half of the season…and of course a million more questions.

  1. Numero uno: Why does Elijah want Elena safe? Or is this part of the master plan? Makes me think she’s in a Salvatore holding cell until Klaus shows up… because maybe he has come to kill her himself? We just need any reason for him to come!
  2. Now Kat wants out of the tomb – Thought she was safe in there huh? Or perhaps she has yet more devious plans to unfold? She’s not going anywhere with Stefan there. Especially after seeing the preview for next week…WHAT?!?! Side note: When did Kat get new clothes and straight hair? Now we know who that was in Nina Dobrev’s tweet photo when it looked like Elena with fangs – we have enough confusing storylines to deal with guys!
  3. Then there’s Alice – She recognized the Doppleganger. Did Slater have a photo or is Elena in the actual ‘vampire almanac’? He did know Katherine was in the tomb. Speaking of Alice. Not a fan. Rather have kept Slater. He was really good.


All of that to think about – answer to our question of who sacrifices what — almost everyone gave something up – and all in the name of LOVE.

  • Stefan threw himself into the tomb to save Jeremy
  • Who went in the tomb in the first place to save Bonnie
  • Who sacrificed herself for Elena
  • While Elena was out giving herself up for… everyone!

ROSE: The only person who really didn’t help anyone but herself was Rose. I liked Rose at first, but writers aren’t shedding a good light on her character:

  1. She only helped Elena for the chance to break the curse
  2. True she called in Damon to save Elena in the end but then she bolted to save her own skin. Not even backing fellow vamp she’s been sleeping with?
  3. Then there’s that half naked run-in with Elena

Rose needs a bone for audience to connect with her –Can’t have a coward/tramp on show.

Preview of Tyler’s transformation

I mentioned things to come we’ll only see 1 major piece next week, but good one: WOLVES!

  • Most heartfelt, gut-wrenching one for me. When finding Mason’s journal and video, we got a mere glimpse of the torture/pain this guy will have to endure – vamps got off easy!
  • We feel good knowing that Caroline will be there for him, probably watching all of it.
  • Favorite moment was when Tyler asks why Caroline is helping him and she says, “I don’t want you to be alone.”
  • Next week is going to be rough you guys – we’ll see Tyler unleash the wolf – not to mention Michael Trevino pour his heart and soul into those scenes.

The ex Matt shows up

  • At the front door with an “I miss you” for Caroline—the only thing missing was a boom box playing their favorite love song.
  • It was kind of an awkward moment when Tyler came to the door with a “what are YOU doing here at my girl’s house” look.


Love Jeremy – so romantic and sweet, but again love will make a man do stupid things!

  • He steals the ashes! Probably not enough!
  • Fact – Only knocks Kat out for minute! What were you thinking running in for stone?
  • He still doesn’t get the girl! Bonnie pulled the “I can’t” line on him – need more expl!

Give young Gilbert some credit, he did get the moonstone and that tosses in a twist or two:

  • Will Elena have to give herself up if they can lift the curse in time?
  • Will releasing the curse work on the wolves too?

Stefan in the Tomb – Damon/Elena

You know what else is rough, getting stuck in a tomb with your ex – who happens to be a crazy vampire bitch. Now that Stefan is in the tomb. He’s safe—sort of—but not from Kat’s mind games. And based on her last words to Stefan, we know their topic of conversation: Damon/ Elena.

Again, foreshadowing that D & E will have the perfect opportunity to get close… again.Will Damon still let her go for Stefan or will he take advantage of this opportunity? Or will Stefan take… uh… advantage of HIS opportunity. Again… what?!?

Good news is that Nina gets to hang with both bros now! It’s a win win for Delena and Stelana fans alike! Aaaand that’s a lie. Thanks for takin’ one for the Team Stefan.

Either way, we got some hot little Delena moments:

  • Elena: Is that before or after he kills everyone I care about, including the TWO of you?? Damon’s look – did she just say that to me?
  • Damon: Hot threats to toss her over his shoulder and the cave fight
  • BTW — how many times did he need to be two inches in front of her face to talk???

As for Elena’s character

For a few episodes now she’s been a little on the weak side – probably to give us major contrast with Katherine – a bit of fan annoyance “it’s all about Elena” — we saw her taking charge in this episode, and I think we’ll see more of that.


Woah now, some cool new tricks. Bonding to make each other stronger and feel one another’s powers? I bet Luca thought he was smooth tricking Bonnie, but it kind of backfired when she used his powers in the tomb. Ooops!

There’s one thing for sure, the only thing creepier than the Lockwood cellar is Dr. Martin’s eyes when he’s casting a spell. He did pull some smooth criminal moves though getting in and out of the Gilbert house though.

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