The Vampire Diaries Review of ‘Katerina’

Think Hero TV: Kristen Nedopak reviews The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 9 “Katerina.”

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Kristen Nedopak reviews The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 9 “Katerina.”

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Review notes

It’s always fun to read the notes I make before the review!

Oh yes – A lot of twists and turns and storyline being revealed –thank you! Little bloodshed, but we have a whole lotta answers to our questions. Was wondering how they would reveal so much – did a good job by making Elena so desperate she went to Katherine for help.

Speaking of Elena – Nina Dobrev is amazing. You know that she’s acting both of those parts on set w/o any other actor to play off of, which is not easy… yet I 100% believe that those are two different personalities. Then she busted out Bulgarian!

And with all of the history in this episode, we got to see some awesome costumes!

SCENES – highlights/action/storyline

First things first… Damon naked! Ian Somerhalder commented on twitter that he’d be naked this episode, which of course caused mass chaos on the Vampire Diaries threads. I thought he was kidding, but I was gladly wrong.

Of course Delena fans are crushed seeing him hook up with Rose and potentially revert back to his non-emotional state. Honestly, it can’t happen. I think he’ll either fall for Rose or will have yet another encounter with Elena and he’ll realize it’s not possible.

Rose – I want to trust her and the Salvatore brothers were quick to do so, but I think she’s hiding something. Even if they did break the curse, she feels Klaus can’t be stopped… so why not get back in his good favor?

Rose is hiding things – how did she know about the tomb before she let the brothers?

Funny note: Rose is Katherine’s maker and Katherine is Damon’s maker – so does that make Rose Damon’s grandmother of sorts? Ewe.

Part I loved – Bonnie/Jeremy/New magical friends

  • We have two new fantastical characters saga– and they’re warlocks!
  • Now all we’re missing on the show are fairies…um
  • Cool to see witches/male counterparts stepping it up and becoming an important aspect of the story.

Twists – These guys don’t seem to be allies – Dr. Miller is working with Elisha

  • Seems like Luca’s job is to win Bonnie’s trust – pretending to bond – use her to break the curse.
  • Sad part is, Jeremy sees Luca as competition and is so caught up in feelings that he might dismiss the whole situation as Bonnie and lose interest.

Hopefully in the end, Jeremy will still be our hero and save Bonnie… and live happily ever after.

Major fascinating aspects revealed – and more questions!

It’s a fight to the finish between vampire and werewolves to break the curse!

  • Are the werewolves aware there’s a race? There aren’t any left that know.

Originals are crazy strong:

  • They don’t die from stakes
  • They can compel other vampires?

We know: Recipe for breaking the curse is: one part vampire, one part witch, one part doppelganger blood, a werewolf…and potentially the moonstone. Here we go with the moonstone again. Do we need it or not?

We know the doppelganger was made – what’s the recipe for that?

Klaus will kill Elena and/or all of her loved ones: With all of these people in danger – Elena has no choice. She needs to give herself over to Claus. I forsee her doing.


I haven’t talked about him much in these reviews. There’s so much drama going on that he’s the rock that holds a lot together. He’s the nice guy. Paul Wesley up for EW’s Under-appreciated Entertainer of the Year – go to the and vote!

Two funny moments:

1492 – anyone catch that date? Happens to be the date Columbus set sail. Who pulled that out of their butt?

Vampires use Craigslist to find each other??? C’mon.

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