The Geekie Awards!

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Kristen’s combined forces with Bill Ostroff, and they’re using their power for good to bring you The Geekie Awards! Ooooh, ahhhhh…..

…[W]e wanted to create an awards show that celebrated the true spirit of Indie. To give “geekmakers” who are not established a place to shine and be seen by leaders and experts in their respective industries. That’s right, your idols may be your judges! …We want you to be able to showcase your work online and be proud of your accomplishments. Read more here…

Bill and Kristen announced the launch of the Geekies at Comikaze, the perfect venue when you think about it, a Con that celebrates the independent, as well as the celebrity creator.

In a time where the world is finally catching up to the Geek/Nerd Culture, and web content is finally coming to see the light of day, it’s important to acknowledge all of our work. Felicia Day and other celebrities are doing amazing work on the Interwebs,  and we should continue to pay tribute to our friends who might not have the high status and yet they continue to work, inspire, and raise the standards in creative, independent work.

And how do you keep up with all that is out there? There’s so much wonderful content, and we want to acknowledge as much as possible. If you have friends that podcast, produce their own webseries, etc., why don’t you take a moment and submit them to The Geekies?


Submissions for The Geekie Awards begins December 1st, 2012.

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What do you think about The Geekies? Let us know!