My Day at Jedi Camp

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UPDATE 9/20/12: Jedi Camp episode 2 added–watch me teach the kids yoga!


Earlier today, I was teaching young kids how yoga can help them access The Force. No, I’m not really an instructor. Simply an actress who worked on the set of First Glance Film’s Star Wars fan series Jedi Camp. First Glance held a Kickstarter campaign a few months ago to raise money for their series and, in part, to spread the message against anti-bullying. We all remember the story of the young girl who was bullied for liking Star Wars (um…that still makes no sense to me, and I’m a grown ass woman who loves these films!) It’s a great cause, and I was happy I could help spread that message. Continue Reading

Stolen Droids Podcast Interview with Kristen

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Kristen was interviewed on 9/10/12 on StolenDroidsPresents, a podcast devoted to all things geeky. She talks about her previous workTo Lydia With LoveFight Class, creating her own content, and her love of whiskey. Continue Reading

Fight Class: The Princess Bride

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Kristen Nedopak hosts Sword Masters Jan Bryant and Dan Speaker in a Fight Class tribute to Sword Master Bob Anderson. They recreate a fight scene from The Princess Bride. Continue Reading

Star Wars + Bacon = Welcome to the Best Twitter Conversation

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The other night I was hanging with the geek gals at my place. When we get together, pretty much everything ends up on Twitter in some way, shape or form. What can I say, we’re all social mavens! After a full-on conversation regarding appropriate uses of The Force (for you Star Wars fans), I tweeted the following: Continue Reading

Hosting Reel

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Please take a moment to watch my hosting reel!

Headshot, resume, press kit and bio can be found here.

Hangin’ With the Geeks at Comic-Con 2010

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My blog Outta This World covers everything geek, so of course I was at the largest ‘nerdvana’ convention in the world: Comic-Con. I even wrote a song about it.

Continue Reading