Stolen Droids Podcast Interview with Kristen

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Kristen was interviewed on 9/10/12 on StolenDroidsPresents, a podcast devoted to all things geeky. She talks about her previous workTo Lydia With LoveFight Class, creating her own content, and her love of whiskey. Continue Reading

Kristen’s Steampunk Jessica Rabbit Cosplay Owns Dragon*Con

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Just in case you haven’t heard – Kristen’s Steampunk Jessica Rabbit cosplay killed at Dragon*Con. Why am I not surprised? Continue Reading

Hangin’ With the Geeks at Comic-Con 2010

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My blog Outta This World covers everything geek, so of course I was at the largest ‘nerdvana’ convention in the world: Comic-Con. I even wrote a song about it.

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