My Day at Jedi Camp

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UPDATE 9/20/12: Jedi Camp episode 2 added–watch me teach the kids yoga!


Earlier today, I was teaching young kids how yoga can help them access The Force. No, I’m not really an instructor. Simply an actress who worked on the set of First Glance Film’s Star Wars fan series Jedi Camp. First Glance held a Kickstarter campaign a few months ago to raise money for their series and, in part, to spread the message against anti-bullying. We all remember the story of the young girl who was bullied for liking Star Wars (um…that still makes no sense to me, and I’m a grown ass woman who loves these films!) It’s a great cause, and I was happy I could help spread that message. Continue Reading

Skyrim: To Lydia with Love (Crowd Fund) – PERK WINNER 1!

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More about the Skyrim: To Lydia with Love… Two more Parodies crowd fund!

Congrats CHRIS MILLER for your upgrade to the $100 perk!

Next week’s perk is… Continue Reading

Skyrim: To Lydia with Love… Two more Parodies!

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IndieGoGo Crowd Fun campaign:

“Skyrim: To Lydia with Love” is a fan-made parody about the companion we love to hate, and my ode to an incredible video game. As a geeky creator, I had a lot of fun making the first film, from writing the script to building my own costumes to shooting to post-production. I was very happy with the level of quality we put into it and the response Skyrim fans gave. Thank you!

Now I want to create two new parodies for you guys… AND I want all of you to be involved in their making. Every dollar you donate will help fund the production, and I’m offering some pretty cool perks in exchange for the love. Higher levels mean credits IN the film… hundreds of thousands of eyes will be on you as the kick ass supporter of the century! Something we will make you proud of. Continue Reading

SKYRIM: To Lydia with Love

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Below you’ll find the making of this parody, cast/crew, costumes, photos and press.

Continue Reading

Amy Winehouse Sketch

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I got an e-mail from my manager at close to midnight for an audition (and shoot if I booked) for the next morning. I’d be playing Amy Winehouse in a rehab sketch. So I got all dolled up as best I could… black bra, black eyeliner, crazy hair. Oh and I tried to get her mannerisms and British accent down in under an hour! (No I didn’t book it. They chose someone before I even got the video to them.)


It Can Be Arranged

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A scene from a dark comedy about two friends (Kristen Nedopak, Michelle Mellgren), a bloody murder and a man (T Ashanti Mozelle) who finds himself caught in the middle of a dire situation.

Find this film on IMDB.

Acting Reel (Drama)

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Please take a moment to watch my dramatic film and television reel!

Headshot, resume, press kit and bio can be found here.