The Skyrim Parodies: Stealth Attack (episode 2)

Oh Lydia, she never listens. This is what happens when you try to sneak up on an enemy with her around. Our last parody in the series will show you what happens after this… an epic battle!

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Here is the first of the new parodies! We raised enough cash for two major parodies… still in-the-works, but I decided to take advantage of our cast, costumes and props and create a few more very short bits for you… more is always better! Stealth Attack is one of those shorties.


Written, Directed & Produced by Kristen Nedopak

Co-Directed by Dane Storrusten and Kim Turney

Director of Photography Ryan Magrish

Art Direction & Visual Effects by Dane Storrusten

Sound Design by Houdini’s Tree

Editing, Sound/Music Editing by Kristen Nedopak

Associate Producers: Glenn Mochon and Michael Morse

Production Assistants: Patty Jean Robinson and Nic Baisley

Costumes by Kristen Nedopak

Armor by Brian Bero Effects

Hair & Makeup by Erika Diehl

Skyrim World Captures by Chase Emory

Kristen Nedopak / The Dovahkiin
Lauren McFall / Lydia
Helenna Santos Levy / Forsworn
Lyssa Junek / Forsworn
Vince Secrease / Forsworn
William Reinbold / Forsworn

Swordmasters: Jan Bryant and Dan Speaker
Behind the scenes videography: Lynette Privatsky
Behind the scenes photography: Bill Ostroff

Team Badass: Jeff Turner, Paul Yan, Douglas Croft, Chris Millar and Tiffany Rose

Special Thanks To Everyone Who Supported This Project!

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