The Skyrim Parodies Release Dates

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The time has come faithful companions! The Skyrim Parodies will be waging war on your eyes! Stay tuned to see how badly Lydia mucks up just about every situation. Meet a bunch of new characters. Discover whether the Dragonborn survives through it all!

WHERE:  My YouTube Channel
WHAT:  One NEW parody per week — Released over 5 consecutive weeks

Release Dates


WATCH: “To Lydia With Love”

Where it all began! TLWL sets the stage for a series of comedic stories based on one girl gamer’s experience in the mythical realm of her favorite video game. Follow the Dragonborn (or “Dovahkiin” in the Dragon tongue) and her faithful-yet-annoying AI companion, Lydia, on their action-packed quest to destroy enemies and face the Dragon God, Alduin…. if Lydia can manage to not mess things up.

Remastered and re-released!



WATCH: “Stealth Attack”

Oh Lydia, she never listens. This is what happens when the Dragonborn tries to sneak up on an enemy with her around.

Remastered and re-released!


“Carry These Burdens”

The Dragonborn spends an evening out swashbuckling with another companion. Erik the Slayer may be a farm boy at heart, but he’s fun, excellent with a sword, and easy on the eyes. Will the night go as planned? Not if Lydia has anything to do with it.

NEW RELEASE! Sunday, Nov 11, 2012 — 10:30am PST


“The Curses of Nature”

At the request of Danica Pure-Spring, The Dragonborn ventures on The Blessings of Nature quest to gather sap from the magical Eldergleam Tree.  A pilgrim, Maurice Jondrelle, offers his assistance, but turns out to be worthless in the face of danger on the enemy-ridden roads of Skyrim… though she must keep him alive long enough to reach their destination. As if one annoying companion isn’t enough to deal with.

RELEASE DATE:  Monday, Nov 19, 2012 — 10:30am PST



“Arrow to the Balls”

One very infamous Whiterun Guard explains his side of the story. Is he really as tough as he seems or are tiny violins playing across the land?

RELEASE DATE:  Monday, Nov 26, 2012 — 10:30am PST


“Quest for the Lost Companion”

One of Lydia’s not-so-finer qualities is her ability to become distracted by the mere whiff of danger. When traveling the land, the Dragonborn is forced to keep an eye on her companion to ensure she doesn’t wander away. Can she keep up with enemy forces everywhere with so many tedious tasks at hand?

* This special parody is an ode to one of our favorite film trilogies—not to mention one of the best “fight” scenes—of all time. We’ll let you guess which one!

RELEASE DATE:  Monday, Dec 3, 2012 — 10:30am PST


“Sword of the Morning”

Taking place where “Stealth Attack” leaves off, we follow the Dragonborn and Lydia into war with the enemy: The Forsworn. These barbarian brutes may be covered in fur and hide, but their skills with archaic weapons is unparalleled. Is this the end for our two heroes? Will they survive two against five? (Oh we know you only see four now… stay tuned!)

RELEASE DATE:  Monday, Dec 10, 2012 — 10:30am PST



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Written, Produced, Directed and Edited by Kristen Nedopak

Art Director / Special FX: Dane Storrusten

Director of Photography: Ryan Magrish

Sound Design: Houdini’s Tree

Fight Choreography: Jan Bryant, Dan Speaker

Co-Director: Kim Turney, Dane Storrusten

Costumes / Faux Armor: Kristen Nedopak

Armor: Brian Bero

Cast: Kristen Nedopak, Lauren McFall, Eric Hunter, Dove Meir , Lyssa Junek,
Vince Secrease, William Reinbold, Helenna Santos Levy, Jan Bryant, Dane Storrusten, Alan Kistler
(voice over).

Crew: Erika Diehl (Hair/Make-Up), Lynette Privatsky (Behind the Scenes),
Patty Jean Robinson (Production Assistant), Nic Baisley (1st AD), Bill Ostroff (Photographer)

Special thanks to Jason Yang for his amazing Skyrim cover music I used in the teaser. Jason is a brilliant violinist who is currently on tour with Madonna!

Special thanks to Everyone who supported this project! See all the names of these awesome people HERE