Sexiest Actresses At Comic Con 2011

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I made the list! I am still flabbergasted and flattered to be considered “sexy” amidst these gorgeous geek goddesses.

From the article:

Having told me that she’s going to be interviewing practically the whole cast of “The Vampire Diaries” at Comic Con 2011, it’s vital to include Kristen Nedopak in this Hot List. As sumptuous as every actor that’s appeared on “The Vampire Diaries”, Kristen certainly lives up to her tag of ‘Playfully Bright With Bite’. Especially since she’ll add some sauciness at Comic Con in the Metallic Bikini-like Costume that will have photogs snapping away…:) I wouldn’t be the least surprised if they hired her for Season 2 of “Game of Thrones”. Check her out recreating a Battle Scene from “Game of Thrones” on her new Academy Fight Class web series. This alluring hostess of Think Hero and Science Fiction with the undeniable lust for dreamboat Ian Somerhalder is a true maven on all things Geek! See the full article.