PUCKER peeps crush STIFF video challenge

“Looks of L.A.” swept the contest and took home both the Audience Choice Award and Jury Award. Team PUCKER!

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Two members of my production company PUCKER, director Ty Huffer (Frankenhuffer Productions) and special effects guru Dane Storrusten (MediaKatalyst), have joined forces with the band Kincaid to create the most bad ass music video I’ve seen in quite some time for the 2010 STIFF Music Video Challenge. Oh, and they had two days to do it.

“Looks of L.A.” swept the contest and took home both the Audience Choice Award and Jury Award. Any video that has two dudes obsessed with LA Looks hair gel, a flying El Camino, and a half dozen smokin’ hot babes rocking out to Kincaid’s first single is an obvious win to me.

The music video wooed audiences when smoke machines filled the theater just as the El Camino… oh wait, I can’t tell you the ending! You’ll need to watch and see for youself.

Artwork by MediaKatalyst

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