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International Productions

The Geekie Awards | Facebook | Twitter 

My role: Founder / Executive Director

Founded in 2011 on the principle that independent Geeks needed to be celebrated too! In 2013, The Geekie Awards will celebrate the best in everything Geekie, including films, art, design, cosplay and more.



Films & Series

The Skyrim Parodies

My role: Creator, Director, Producer, Writer, Actress, Costume Designer, Editor

A Companion’s Guide to Being Dovahkiin. A series of parodies dedicated to the companion we love to hate: Lydia.

Fight Class: The Series

My role: Co-Producer, Host, Writer

Each episode, I learn a choreographed fight from a popular TV show or film with Swordmasters Jan Bryant and Dan Speaker from the Academy of Theatrical Combat.


PUCKER on Funny or Die

My role: Producer, Actress, Writer, Costume Designer

PUCKER is a small team of filmmakers, actors and artists who are dedicated to creating envelope-pushing (and often raunchy) comedy on a tiny budget.



News & Hosted Shows

Think Hero TV

My role: Segment Producer, Host, Writer

Interviews, news and reviews of today’s most epic geek-genre TV shows, including Game of Thrones, Spartacus, The Vampire Diaries Comic-Con and more.

Outta This World: The Art of Fantasy & Sci-fi

My role: Producer, Host, Writer, Editor

Inspired by my passion and expertise as an artist, designer and filmmaker I create a docu-series to share what I love about the worlds of fantasy and sci-fi. Yup, I’m talkin’ about eye candy! The visual craft behind movies, books, costumes, events and more. And hey, sometimes we make cool and nerdy stuff too.




Geek Girls Create

My role: Group Founder, Panelist

Women who took their love of the geek life and turned it into a career. Producers, hosts, actresses and multi-hyphenate personalities who spent time and love creating their own award-winning content for film, TV and the web. Learn how each of these smart and sexy ladies built their unique, individual brands and gain insight into the struggles and success of creating your own work, from networking to production to marketing… and staying sane along the way. Each of these women has years of industry experience and have been panelists at Comic-Con, WonderCon, Comikaze, women’s conferences, awards shows and more. So, they’ve joined forces to provide a one-stop-shop of skill, knowledge and passion, along with a powerhouse of energy that’s sure to inspire and motivate any audience.




Outta This World: The Art of Fantasy & Sci-fi

My role: Writer

A partner blog to the show Outta-This-World, filled with fun, geeky art!

Inspiration Geek

My role: Writer

My journal of thoughts and inspiration.



Here are a few cool shows I used to work on… not too long ago!

Wheel of Time News

My role: Producer, Host

Bi-weekly news for the Wheel of Time community, promoted on the biggest WoT fan blog in the world (with millions of viewers):

Science Fiction TV

My role: Host

A weekly news show that’s all about Sci-fi, Comics, Games and more.