My Face Immortalized in a Pumpkin

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Alex the “Pumpkin Geek” recently sent me one of the coolest things ever… my face carved into a pumpkin! If that wasn’t an honor in itself, I now grace the pages of hisĀ website alongside celebrities such as Gene Simmons and LeVar Burton who also had their famous mugs cast in orange… errr. I’m not sure what these pumpkins are actually made of, but they aren’t real. I.e. I can keep this forever!


2 Responses to “My Face Immortalized in a Pumpkin”

  1. eddie j says:

    wow!!! ilove his work!!! I think it looks just like you!!! Beautiful!!!!

  2. eddie j says:

    Wow!!! ilove his work!!! itlooks just like you!!! Beautiful!!!!

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