Kristen’s Steampunk Jessica Rabbit Cosplay Owns Dragon*Con

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Just in case you haven’t heard – Kristen’s Steampunk Jessica Rabbit cosplay killed at Dragon*Con. Why am I not surprised?

As a matter of fact, G4 loved her costume so much, they decided to put her on the cover of their Steampunk Album. Special thanks to James Elkin and Eugene (the photographer) for making it happen.



Here’s the full shot:


Here are some photos showing the ‘making of’ and close-ups of the various costume pieces:

Her Forsworn costume also was a favorite as she promoted To Lydia With Love screening on Friday night of the film festival.  She made G4’s Gallery for Video Game Cosplay too! Check it:


Here’s the full shot (photo by Robert Keith Brooks):

Hooray, Kristen! What a seriously cool weekend. Can’t wait to hear more about it.