Kristen Nedopak – Nominee for the 2nd Annual IAWTV Awards at CES

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to go to CES, as I was nominated and presenting for the IAWTV Awards for my work on The Skyrim Parodies. Smack dab between New Media Expo, where I got to be on a panel about super fans, and CES, it was an action-packed week!

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“The Skyrim Parodies” Web Series Creator Kristen Nedopak garners Best Costume Design Nomination for 2nd Annual IAWTV Awards

“I am absolutely overjoyed to be nominated for the IAWTV awards.” says Kristen Nedopak, creator of The Skyrim Parodies. ” I designed and hand-built all 10 costumes to replicate characters from the game. This is my favorite game, and I know the fans are as passionate about it as I am, so I spent months making sure each costume was perfect and as realistic-looking as possible. I even made the barbarian swords and axes from scratch! I’m so humbled that my peers have acknowledged this effort with this amazing nomination! Thank you IAWTV.” Read the full press release!


How cool was that! A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to go to CES (ok, I planned the trip last August… still!). Little did I know how much fun this trip would be! Namely because, in December, I was nominated for an IAWTV Award for my work on The Skyrim Parodies. I was also fortunate to book a panel for the New Media Expo happening just before CES. It was an action-packed week! 

Here is the illustrated version!

The week started off at NMX, where I got to meet a bunch of people I’d only spoken to online, including the lovely ladies of IndieIntertube (who share my love of all things faerie!).

I landed a panel called “In Search of Super Fans” and was so happy to share the stage with two incredible women Casey McKinnon and Tara Platt. And who hosted it? None other than Andre Meadows, THE Black Nerd! We discussed creating a fan base and the relationship you have with people who share your passions (ours being mega geek!).

My fellow panelists Casey McKinnon and Tara Platt

I also got to spend a lot of time with my amazing publicist, Brian Rodda, and Travis Richey (if you don’t know who Travis is, you have not seen his epic Doctor Who / Inspector Spacetime spinoff web series!), and my IAWTV cohorts Anunziata and Mark (look out for their new web series coming soon “Battery Park). We got hooked up with some cool swag for being presentors!

Then is was Tuesday… the IAWTV Awards! I was so happy to not only be nominated, but to actually get to present. Who did I give the trophy to for Best Online Channel? Nerdist! Dream moment.

And, of course, the red carpet was a blast! My girl Misty Kingma (@MistyCityLA)


With Brian and Team Squaresville… they won big!

Me and my man

With my good pal Teal Sherer, another winner for My Gimpy Life!

My lovely gals Stephanie Thorpe and Taryn O’Neil

After a night of festivities, we hit up CES. Ok, if you love tech, that’s the last place you want to go. You’ll end up wanting to buy everything! I was good this year and only picked up the new Hero3 GoPro (I won some cash at the craps table).

My new baby


Ok, so nothing I did stayed in Vegas. I’m too social for that! tee hee