Geek Girls Creating Their Own Films & Shows

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to create my own panel at LA’s first Comikaze Expo called “Geek Girls Creating Their Own Films & Shows.”

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A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to create my own panel at LA’s first Comikaze Expo (@ComikazeExpo). It was an incredible experience, and one that deserves a bit of recognition… not to mention the powerhouse of ladies who made it a success!

Along with myself (representing Think Hero and Fight Class), the panel included: Leah Cevoli (Robot Chicken), Stephanie Thorpe (ElfQuest), Crix Lee (, Helenna Santos Levy (American Reunion) and Jessica Mills (Awkward Embraces). Moderated by voice-over master Spike Spencer.

As I mention during the panel introductions, I thought long and hard about a topic that represented not only the place I am in my life/career, but what would be equally as inspiring to an audience. Women creating their own work is what I wanted to promote. Not to knock the men out there doing the same (they are kicking ass too!), but any female producer can tell you that it really is a tougher road for us. This panel isn’t about gender though. It’s about the tools needed to create your own work: hard work (REALLY hard work), perseverance, dedication and an epic passion for your craft. That was the message all of us were—and are—eager to send.

Watch the panel

Shot by Think Hero (@ThinkHero).

Press articles about our panel


Leah Cevoli created an episode of On the Road with Leah (@OTRWL) just for Comikaze!

Meet the panelists

Helenna created this kick-ass PDF brochure for our panel  for everyone–yeah, we are that organized!


From left to right: Bonnie Burton (special guest), Jessica Mills, Leah Cevoli, Stephanie Thorpe, Spike Spencer, Helenna Santos Levy, Kristen Nedopak, Crix Lee

'Geek Girls' panel

My girl Helenna and I

Helenna's amazing program

Thank you again, ladies. Thank you to everyone who attended and helped spread the love! A very special thank you to Leah Cevoli who, after freaking out that I had to organize this panel in less than 5 days, talked me down from the ledge and used her superhuman powers to help make this happen. Rockstar!



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