Game of Thrones Site Promotes Geek Videocasters

Game of Thrones site pimps the Think Hero team for our video coverage of the upcoming HBO show.

Post to Twitter Post to Facebook, a site dedicated to all that is Game of Thrones (HBO’s upcoming fantasy epic) just pimped myself and Think Hero for our coverage of the show in video format. We are currently the only site I know of that will be reviewing episodes each week come April via videocasts.


Here’s a snippet:

ThinkHero: I probably know less about this nerdtastic site than I should, being that it specializes in All Things Nerd (I’m a BSC Review/Gestalt Mash guy myself). ThinkHero was launched in November of 2008 by übergeek Dennis Tzeng, covering a nice array of subjects beyond television and movies, including video games and comic books. And it offers far more than just a podcast (a neanderthal’s practice to these advanced specimens of humanity)—ThinkHero hosts multiple videocasts in a given week.

Kristen is a hardcore ASoIaF enthusiast who is just finishing up A Storm of Swords, and who regularly tweets about the rollercoaster of emotion she experiences with each bloody chapter she finishes. I’m not certain if she’s been driven completely mad by it yet or not, but … well, y’all remember what it was like. Kristen agrees that Spartacus was possibly the most underrated television show of the year thus far (it seriously was—that thing was art), so she’s completely cool by me. Read full article…

The HBO marketing team has also included us in their promotions. Read more.

Special thanks to my twitter pal and fellow geek @Axechucker for the kind words!