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The 2013 Geekie Awards was our first-ever show, and it was AMAZING! For those of you who don’t know, this is my baby–my brain child and creation, and an attempt to create a show that gives independent artists like myself an opportunity to showcase work and receive awards at a huge, Hollywood event. I wanted to share the fun and highlights with everyone, enjoy! ~ Kristen



The Geekie Awards® is an annual award show and event that takes place in August in Hollywood, CA. The show intermixes a live ceremony with live- action stunts, interactive experiences and pre-taped, custom created geek-genre digital content to create an event that combines Hollywood pizazz with the fun of a comic or tech convention. Live streaming, the red carpet, celebrity attendance and social media interaction provide access and trending opportunities to an international audience.

Details for the 2014 event will be released this summer!

View 2013 Event Photos  |  View 2013 Event Videos  |  Watch Stan Lee sing!

Geekie Awards Poster (IMDB)


On August 18, 2013, The Geekie Awards inaugural ceremony took place in Hollywood, CA at the Avalon and was live-streamed internationally. It became a viral hit with fans and the media.

Over 1 billion media impressions – 150+ major press outlets covered the show. Significant press: LA Times, The Hollywood Reporter, Nerdist, USA Today, Zap2It, BuzzFeed, and MSN. Photo outlets like Getty Images, WireImage, Corbis, PR Photos and WENN captured the experience.

Geek-certified celebrity presenters and guests included Stan Lee, Seth Green, Richard Hatch, Grant Imahara, Alison Haislip, Ralph Garmen, Samm Levine and more. View full list of presenters.

#RUGeekie ™ (our official tagline) was the #1 trending topic in the USA and countries like Australia and New Zealand—above AMC’s Breaking Bad and HBO’s True Blood season finale.

Streaming and post show coverage reached viewership from 6 continents, 125 countries and all 50 Unites States.

700 guests attended, selling out the venue weeks before the ceremony.

Poster art by Tania del Rio



Designed by Soulcake Creative and printed by 3D Systems, our “Geekie” trophy is one of the coolest statues in the galaxy. Each team receives one of these bad boys at the live ceremony.

FUN FACT: The trophy is held on it’s base by super powerful magnets, allowing you to remove the statue and play with it. You heard us, it’s a trophy / toy!







Best Dressed! Streamys 2013 – Kristen Nedopak and Brian Rodda

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This year’s Streamy Awards were just one of the events to hit up (the week before the Oscars). I caught up with amazing pals (like the incredible Stephanie Thorpe below!), and was able to strut the red carpet in hot pink! Brian and I were named “Best Dressed” by Scenester.TV… what an honor! Continue Reading

Kristen Nedopak – Nominee for the 2nd Annual IAWTV Awards at CES

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“The Skyrim Parodies” Web Series Creator Kristen Nedopak garners Best Costume Design Nomination for 2nd Annual IAWTV Awards

“I am absolutely overjoyed to be nominated for the IAWTV awards.” says Kristen Nedopak, creator of The Skyrim Parodies. ” I designed and hand-built all 10 costumes to replicate characters from the game. This is my favorite game, and I know the fans are as passionate about it as I am, so I spent months making sure each costume was perfect and as realistic-looking as possible. I even made the barbarian swords and axes from scratch! I’m so humbled that my peers have acknowledged this effort with this amazing nomination! Thank you IAWTV.” Read the full press release!


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The Skyrim Parodies: Sword of the Morning (season finale)

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“Sword of the Morning”

We follow the Dragonborn and Lydia into war with the enemy: The Forsworn. These barbarian brutes may be covered in fur and hide, but their skills with archaic weapons is unparalleled. Is this the end for our two heroes? Will they survive against the clan? Continue Reading

The Skyrim Parodies: Quest for the Lost Companion

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“Quest for the Lost Companion”

One of Lydia’s not-so-finer qualities is her ability to become distracted by the mere whiff of danger. When traveling the land, the Dragonborn is forced to keep an eye on her companion to ensure she doesn’t wander away. Can she keep up with enemy forces with so many tedious tasks at hand? Continue Reading

The Skyrim Parodies: Arrow to the Balls

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One very infamous Whiterun Guard explains his side of the story. Is he really as tough as he seems or are tiny violins playing across the land?

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Kristen Nedopak Hosts Women 2.0 Founder Friday, Urges Entrepreneurs to Kick Ass

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At the beginning of the Founder Friday Orange County launch event, Women 2.0 director Sepideh Nasiri instructed the crowd, “What we would like for you to do today is meet at least one inspiring person, hopefully inspire someone else and then pass it on because paying forward pays off.” Continue Reading

The Skyrim Parodies: The Curses of Nature

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At the request of Danica Pure-Spring, The Dragonborn ventures on The Blessings of Nature quest to gather sap from the magical Eldergleam Tree.  A pilgrim, Maurice Jondrelle, offers his assistance, but turns out to be worthless in the face of danger on the enemy-ridden roads of Skyrim… though she must keep him alive long enough to reach their destination. As if one annoying companion isn’t enough to deal with. Continue Reading

Kristen Nedopak Nominated for Best Costume Design at IAWTV Awards

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International Academy of Web Television Announces Nominees for the 2nd Annual IAWTV Awards

LOS ANGELES (November 12, 2012)—Nominees for the 2nd Annual IAWTV Awards were announced live today in Los Angeles by the International Academy of Web Television (IAWTV). The winners will be honored Tuesday, January 8, 2013 at a live  ceremony at the Venetian Resort Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas during the prestigious International CES.
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The Skyrim Parodies: Carry These Burdens (episode 3)

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The Dragonborn spends an evening out swashbuckling with another companion. Erik the Slayer may be a farm boy at heart, but he’s fun, excellent with a sword, and easy on the eyes. Will the night go as planned? Not if Lydia has anything to do with it.
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My Day at Jedi Camp

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UPDATE 9/20/12: Jedi Camp episode 2 added–watch me teach the kids yoga!


Earlier today, I was teaching young kids how yoga can help them access The Force. No, I’m not really an instructor. Simply an actress who worked on the set of First Glance Film’s Star Wars fan series Jedi Camp. First Glance held a Kickstarter campaign a few months ago to raise money for their series and, in part, to spread the message against anti-bullying. We all remember the story of the young girl who was bullied for liking Star Wars (um…that still makes no sense to me, and I’m a grown ass woman who loves these films!) It’s a great cause, and I was happy I could help spread that message. Continue Reading

The Skyrim Parodies: Stealth Attack (episode 2)

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Here is the first of the new parodies! We raised enough cash for two major parodies… still in-the-works, but I decided to take advantage of our cast, costumes and props and create a few more very short bits for you… more is always better! Stealth Attack is one of those shorties.

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Fight Class: The Princess Bride

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Kristen Nedopak hosts Sword Masters Jan Bryant and Dan Speaker in a Fight Class tribute to Sword Master Bob Anderson. They recreate a fight scene from The Princess Bride. Continue Reading

My Costumes Featured on the Cover of Faery World Magazine

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Faery World Magazine is featuring my inspiring faery costume designs in their Jan-June (biannual) issue… and I’m on the cover! I wrote an article titled “Embodying Your Magical Self” regarding how I create my work and being an all-round fantasy geek.

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Amy Winehouse Sketch

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I got an e-mail from my manager at close to midnight for an audition (and shoot if I booked) for the next morning. I’d be playing Amy Winehouse in a rehab sketch. So I got all dolled up as best I could… black bra, black eyeliner, crazy hair. Oh and I tried to get her mannerisms and British accent down in under an hour! (No I didn’t book it. They chose someone before I even got the video to them.)